Beautiful Black & White Cowhide Rugs – Stylish Rugs for Your Wooden & Stone Flooring

Cowhide rugs are sometimes exclusively thought of as a remnant of the old West. Interior decorators today are applying their natural charm to any type of home. Black and white cowhide rugs are a great touch to any type of style. Even modern and contemporary streamlined styles are well-complemented with the simplicity of a cow skin rug.

Everyone enjoys the beauty of nature. The addition of a cowhide rug to your home provides a taste of that beauty. Cows aren’t normally thought of as beautiful when found in nature; Western decorating is all about finding the beauty in the things you see and take for granted every day. By styling your home with a cowhide rug, you are making a statement about the world: There is beauty all around us if you only take the time to look.

Black and white cowhide rugs are ideal for modern styling. All of the most updated looks are about clean lines and minimalism. All cow skins are unique; most have some sort of spotting or freckling. Some people may see these as imperfections, but the minimalist will see the artistry in the design. By creating a space with all straight lines and then throwing a cowhide rug on the floor or hanging it from a wall, you introduce a slight chaos. Modern styling isn’t about making a space as boring and streamlined as possible; it’s about showing the elegance of contrast.cowhide rug in living room interior design

Specific to the coloring of the cowhide in question, no decorator will ever question the refined simplicity of black and white. The unique speckling or spotting of the cowhide you select will stand out most against that clean backdrop. Additionally, black and white is the best color selection when considering what type of investment you are making. Other colors will not always look right in the room if furniture or wall colors change. Black and white goes with everything from neutrals to bold colors.

One of the things many people tend to worry over when selecting rugs is durability. Cow skin is the most durable material on the rug market. The hide of a cow was created to withstand weather, extended sunlight, extreme heat and cold, and dirt; the same would apply to the cowhide rug. Even when drinks are spilled on the hide, it is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. You can look forward to years and years of use. They also do not collect allergens like carpet and fabric fibers do. In a carpet, dust mites and other allergens sink deep into fibers and can only be removed by professional cleaning services. On a cow hide, everything stays on the surface; if it collects dust, simply go outside and shake it out. It’ll be good as new.

Cowhide rugs are on their way to becoming a high-brow decoration. The reputation of old-West styling is coming back around. No one can resist the charm of the West.

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