8 Steps to Paint Your Home on Your Own

Massachusetts painting contractors Hingham Massachusetts painting contractors are the favorite partner to contact when it comes to the need of painting your home. Painting your walls is the easiest way to get the new look of your house. However, painting can cost a fortune at times. People are worried about how expensive it could be or how long it could take. Not all people can handle the hassles of painting it all by themselves neither hire professional painters to do the painting jobs. So, taking a DIY painting project really needs preliminary research about everything needed for the painting including the color palettes, tools, techniques, or methods. Below are the 8 basic steps you must know about painting your home alone.

#1. Cleaning the surfaces of the wall

The very first step of painting your home is pressure-washing your walls. This is important to make sure the best coverage where you will brush the paint. The pressure-wash helps remove dust and dirt buildup from the surfaces.

#2. Repairing damaged surfaces

You should later inspect areas that are damaged including metal, masonry, wood, stucco, and siding. To holes or cracks, apply epoxy filler with the help of a spackle knife.

#3. Removing loose paint

After your inspection to the damaged surfaces, you must pay attention to any chipped or loose paint. Remove the chipped or loose paint using a medium-grit sanding block or a paint scraper.

#4. Caulking trim

The next will be filling any gaps within the house as well as trim around windows and doors using a caulk gun or an exterior caulk.

#5. Priming stains

For your exterior, you must check any wood knots and stains that might appear. Apply a layer of stain-blocking primer to the affected areas using a paintbrush.

#6. Protecting lights, windows, and doors

You do not want your lights, windows, and doors to be affected with the paint. Cover them all using a painter’s tape or plastic sheeting that Hingham Massachusetts painting contractors always use.

#7. Painting exterior

It is time to painting your exterior using the hue of your choosing. Apply one or two layers of eggshell paint to the entire house from the top to the bottom of the house in a controlled manner.

#8. Painting doors and trims

Remove any painter’s tape or plastic sheeting from the lights, windows, or doors. And now, add two layers of semigloss paint to the woodwork and doors by using a paintbrush.

Here are the eight steps of painting to know. If they are too difficult for you, chances are you should hire Hingham Massachusetts painting contractors.

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