Deflect Heat with the Coolest New Roofing Color!

Looking to replace your roof?

If you want to replace your roof and stay up on the latest trends at the same time, consider this: the newest trend in roofing is white coating. The best part is that it can deflect nearly 85 percent of the heat that hits it, which can reduce the surface temperature of the room up to 50 degrees. That translates to less energy needed to cool the interior of the building, and that means your energy bill will be more affordable. “Cool roofs” are a great way to boost your property value and promote saving energy.Coolest New Roofing Color

What is White Coating?

This is something extraordinary, unlike any other paint on the market today. Designed by a military scientist in his early 80s, this topcoat is tinted and filled with tiny hollow glass balls that are meant to deflect heat. This is layered over a waterproof undercoat made of recycled rubber. The scientist has 20 patents and spent much of his career developing coatings for military spacecraft and airplanes. After retirement, he still enjoyed learning and returned to his lab after seeing a show on television about recycled rubber. There, he spent six months experimenting before he came up with this revolutionary paint.

The glass microspheres, initially used to lighten airplane parts and bowling balls, are put in the paint, and the whiter titanium-dioxide tint allows heat to bounce off of it. Underneath, the primer serves as an insulation barrier that helps combat water damage and erosion. The best part? The product’s use of recycled rubber means that it uses rubber from the millions of tires that are thrown away every year in the United States.

Why You Should Consider Having a “Cool Roof”:

This is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to lower the surface temperature on the top of the structure by as much as 100 degrees, which can significantly cut operating costs, slow climate change, and promote energy savings. Some scientists have suggested that if more and more buildings with dark tar roofs could be painted with light-colored coatings and could help slow negative impact on the environment, including offsetting billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This could be the equivalent of taking millions of cars off the road for years at a time, which could make a significant dent in the destructive environmental impact.

Recently, the Anaheim Hilton Hotel used the product on its roof and they are already saving money on utility costs. The initial investment routinely pays for itself over time.
Dozens of home and business owners want to use paint on their structures to help cut high electricity costs and cool buildings in the summer.

Wondering if a cool roof is for you? Contact Warner Roofing today! Our experts can help you assess your current roof and determine if heat-deflection technology could help you save on energy costs.

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