How to prevent being locked out of your car ever again!

We know locksmith are expensive nowadays, but we know there are ways to avoid this little mishap. All it takes is a little focus and you should never have to call a locksmith again.key How to prevent being locked out of your car ever again!

  1. Have a spare key to your house in your car, and have a spare key to your car in your house (also maybe one in your wallet?). So now if you lose your keys all together you will save yourself a lot of money. Considering the average car key replacement is about $180 and if we re key the entire home it’s over 200 of dollars.

  2. Transponder keys & mechanical keys. Ok so this is a really good idea so buckle up. There is such a thing called a mechanical key. Also known as a test key. These are for when your vallet needs to get in your car but it wont start the car. (For cars with transponder keys only).

    So what I would do is tape it to back of the license plate. Screw the licence plate then when you lock out all you need is a screw driver!20160811_125946.jpg

  3. If you have an aftermarket alarm system in your car, such as clifford, or viper name brands, then you can add features that are called a smart start. Its coming from a company called Directed.

    YOU CAN UNLOCK IT ON YOUR PHONE! Not kidding we are in 2016 so that shouldn’t be too surprising. Plus if it get’s stolen it will pinpoint the location of the car asap.

So I hope this helps. As you can see, just a couple of easy steps and you will save yourself a lot of money and time.

Love ya!

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