10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom

Makeover Your BathroomThe bathroom is the most memorable room in the house for most families. It is the space they spend the greatest amount of time alone, and they inspect every aspect of the features. Let’s give it the makeover it deserves with these 10 cheap and easy ways to makeover your bathroom.

Change all the accessories, from the outlet covers to the waste basket to have the same colors and patterns. If one color, make all the pieces match for a coordinated look. It will modernize the bathroom with a very low price tag.

Resurfacing the top of the counter to tile is inexpensive and easy for the homeowner to do on their own. Covering the top with the metallic colors like copper, tin, or flint brings a fresh look and a durable counter top that resists heat and water, common elements in a bathroom.

Replace the toilet and tub by renovating the tub with a fiberglass overlay. There are companies that can update the shower/tub combination in just a day, with much less cost than a replacing them. The toilet can be changed for under $500 with several choices.

Remove the old flooring and pick a new one that fits your theme. If you have tiled the counter tops, re-tile the floor to match. If you have older wooden floors that have lost their finish, paint them a fresh color.

Change the soft goods, like towels, shower curtains, wash cloths, etc. Purchase new soaps in attractive containers. This little mini update has a lot of visual punch.

Wallpaper the bathroom with your own custom design. Buy plain wallpaper that is textured and stamp it with a favorite design. The design will be unique to your bathroom, and become a focal point. If just one wall is papered, mirror the theme on the opposite wall by framing a piece of the custom paper.

Surround the tub to bring a different look to the room. Build a box around the bottom of the tub and cover the box with tiles, metal stamped tin tiles, or even bead board for a contrast to the standard tub. Seal the edges with caulk to ensure water doesn’t leak through.

Choose unusual cabinetry for your bathroom. If you have a pedestal sink, consider surrounding it with an old sewing machine cabinet for the base. The treadle cabinet has drawers and a large surface that works well for a vanity.

Don’t forget the simple change of color coordination, from the floor to the ceiling. Using the color, shade, and tint to harmonize the room gives a relaxing element. Moving from dark on the floor to the lightest tint on the ceiling opens the room to appear larger.

If you have a plain mirror on a medicine cabinet, or one that has been glued to the wall, frame it with plastic or wood pieces. Framing pieces can be attached to surround the mirror and bring a new update to the room.

From this list of 10 cheap and easy ways to makeover your bathroom, choose the right fit for your budget and time frame. All of these examples have a special element they will bring to your home. Try to start with a simple change and move to the complex projects as you build your skills.

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