Unique Ways To Incorporate Cork Into Your Home

Incorporate Cork Into Your HomeIf you’re like us, you’re always looking for creative ways to make your home unique. Incorporating cork into certain areas of your home’s structural or interior design can be an innovative way of achieving just that! Although cork isn’t widely used by modern home designers, some architects are beginning to incorporate it in a variety of ways. In this article, we will explore various unique ways that you can utilize cork in your own home’s design!

Large Pegboards

Many offices have begun to reincorporate cork pegboards into their designs. Instead of hanging pegboards on the wall, designers have opted to use entire walls or internal structures made out of cork. If this is done correctly, it can look excellent. Consider incorporating a similar structure in your home, perhaps as a part of your kitchen. This can provide an extremely homely feel as it allows you to hang up various family school projects and photos. Some designers even use cork walls to hang pot plants and other decorations inside their homes. Another use for cork boards in your home is for cabinet or fridge doors and surfaces — this can create a unique alternative to magnet based displays currently in your house.

Coat Hangers

Wine bottle cork stoppers are another cork product that you can easily incorporate into your home. Consider using them as coat hangers next to house’s entrance. If you place screws in the wall you can puncture cork bottle stoppers over the top to create the external appearance of the coat hanger. This provides a less dangerous alternative to traditional metal coat hangers. But don’t stop at just coat hangers — there are countless ways you can incorporate wine bottle cork stoppers into your homes interior design. Some designers have even begun making furniture out of cork stoppers.


Using cork for any part of your home can have a great insulation effect. The density of the material traps heat inside of your dwelling which can save you substantial amounts of money on your energy bills. Many builders already use cork to internally insulate homes — industrial cork insulation can be purchased through a variety of major distributors. Cork insulation is also reputable for its acoustic protection; it insulates against sound as well as temperature. Consider using cork for some of the external walls or surfaces in your home, it provides practical insulation on top of its alternative appearance. In fact, a prominent Portuguese architect built a hotel almost entirely out of cork; one of the primary reasons he did so was because of the material’s insulating properties.


Replacing your flooring with cork may seem like an extreme measure but it is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. As mentioned previously, cork has both audio and temperature insulation properties that make it an attractive option with designers — these properties extend to flooring. In addition, cork flooring is thought to have anti-bacterial properties that make it one of the cleanest flooring material options on the market.


Cork is an often forgotten material when it comes to interior design. It is becoming increasingly popular with interior designers looking for sustainable materials to build with. The use of authentic cork in your home can provide a variety of benefits to your living space. Firstly, it has an authentic, rustic feel that emits a sense of minimalism. It is also an extremely practical material given its ability to insulate your home from both temperature and audio fluctuations. Cork products come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure to explore the different types of cork available when deciding how to incorporate it into your home!

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