7 Tips About Artificial Turf For Your Backyard

Artificial Turf For Your BackyardThe reason why Agape Turf gains more attention recently is its excellent turf product. The yard looks like a brand new corner in the house. It is lively and totally incredible as a playground or relaxing area. If you consider installing the turf for your backyards, at least you should know what you are going to buy.

  • 1. The Traffic

Artificial turf is commonly used on the sport field to assure great training environment for the athletes. Nowadays people bring the turf to the backyard, as it will require less maintenance. No more mowing, aerating or watering in the afternoon, at least for the next ten years. Moreover, it would not create pool of mud after heavy rain, so you can play outside without any mess.

Imagine all the activities that will happen in your yard. If it includes plenty of running and running with your children and pets, then you should ask for high durability product with soft and non abrasive texture. As the opposite, short stroll on the yard will only call for medium durability turf. Never switch the pair, because it will make the turf wear off in less than five years.

  • 2. Quality Level

Any great artificial turf product should last at least ten to fifteen years from the installation day. This benefit, of course, will cost you a good amount of money. Thus, it is important to check the sign of high quality material: it is soft, well stitched edges and has similar color. If you buy it online, it is better to ask for product sample before continuing the transaction.

  • 3. Lush Look

In order to have lush look, you might think that the best way is to purchase the longest grass blade available. Unfortunately, time and gravity will pull the tall grass back to the earth, leaving you with flat lawn. The ideal length for a lush look yard is 30 to 37 mm. When you plan to set tables and chairs, go for the shorter one.

  • 4. Density

One thing about turf density is the higher the number, the more natural it looks. This is because there is more yarn or fiber in each unit, which makes the denser turf heavier. Therefore, Agape Turf will be suitable for backyard with high traffic area, since it also has higher durability. But if you live in the rooftop, you might want to consider the less dense one, and spread artificial grass to improve the lasting period.

  • 5. The Backing

The reason for artificial to provide two choices of backing is the weather. The polyurethane doesn’t have the ability to shrink or expand, so it is perfect for area with extreme weather change. Another option, the latex, could expand by five to ten mm, which should be installed in the area with stable weather change. If you put the latex backing turf on drastic temperature change, it may break.

  • 6. Color Choice

Unlike the real grass, artificial turf could give you plenty of colors to choose: green olive, lime green, dark green, etc. Since you have a lot of options, why don’t you combine the colors? Ask for samples and bring them outside to how the color looks under the sunlight. You can easily spot the low quality product: it is not even close to the normal grass.

  • 7. Maintenance

There is no such thing like no maintenance at all. You could not ignore to take care of the artificial turf, at least once in a month. Look at the weather and the vegetation in your area: when the trees keep sending its fallen leaves, you might end up raking every day. Don’t forget to check the sand: does it need another layer?

Keeping the vegetation in the backyard alive and lovely is not an easy task. With the artificial turf, you don’t need to nurture and care for them: at least the watering and fertilizing part. No need to fear the season, and no worry about replanting or cleaning the rotten grass. Get your instant lush yard and install your own Agape Turf.

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