Skylights In The Bathroom – A Modern Innovation In The Everyday Home

skylights bathroomVisit any modern home these days and your chances of finding a skylight, or roof window, installed in the bathroom is very high. Skylights first took a huge leap into the construction sector around 10 years ago and they’re suitable for both flat or pitched roofs. They’re an excellent way to save on wall space, electricity usage and even a way to effectively ventilate your home.

There are many types of skylight available, ranging from flat glass rooflights, for the flat roof and centre pivot roof windows for sloping roofs.

When the housing recession hit in 2008 many homeowners were looking for a cheap and modern way to expand their homes to improve the value and to secure their place in the market. This could involve an extension, or even adding a few extra bedrooms or en-suites. This is where the bathroom skylight comes in. A simple piece of technology, they allow up to 30% more natural light into the room than any other ‘wall window’ and have many energy saving properties too. The bathroom is a room where privacy and light is of the utmost importance so a skylight can be the perfect option for this particular room and recent studies have actually shown that around 65% of home buyers will request light from above through skylights in the bathroom.

While using the bathroom, steam and condensation building up on the windows can often be an issue, the hot air meeting the cold glass can be a cause for damp or mildew build-up. Skylights can avoid this by being a passive air conditioner – Through the exhaust effect they create the hot air is drawn up out of the room through the skylight allowing fresh and cool air to enter the room keeping it free of any problems that might arise.

Alternatively, whilst being capable of keeping the room cool, skylights can also be used to trap heat inside the property, saving money on energy bills and pushing the efficiency rating of the property, along with the value, upwards. Positioned correctly in the bathroom they can allow the maximum amount of natural light and solar energy from the sun into the room, heating the area, helping to dry clothes and towels and all around reducing the need for electricity usage.

The cost of installing a skylight in your bathroom may be a concern to some but the short term investment is certainly worth the long time reduction in energy costs, increase in natural, warming light into your home and the privacy given for the homeowner.

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