4 Great Ways To Save Time On Ironing

In today’s fast paced world, we often find ourselves short of time when we need it most. There is always something in our daily lives that requires urgent attention, be it at work or home. It’s either we are constantly fixing, cleaning, working, or trying to prioritise what to fix, clean and work on. This is even more so the case when travelling. But what if there was a way to gain some of that time back, and stress less in the process?

ironing clothes tipsWe have found 4 great ways to save some time by using these innovative methods to prevent clothes from wrinkling.

1. Wrinkle Releaser

Wrinkle releaser is great for anyone that dislikes ironing. This plant-based spray uses a special formula to relax material when sprayed. The result – wrinkle free clothes without ever needing to use an iron.

And the cherry on top, you can purchase the spray in different fragrances and carry it on trips with you. Yes, it is entirely TSA safe, and approved.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the wrinkle releaser:

-          Hold the spray about 8 inches away from the item of clothing that you wish to spray.

-          Spray the fabric with a sweeping motion until slightly damp.

-          Tug and smoothen out any visible wrinkles.

-          Hang the item of clothing to dry.

2. Roll Clothing

Packing clothes is in itself an art. And purchasing the right suitcase or storage space can play a huge roll in saving time. In addition to this, rolling certain items of clothing, like t-shirts and shorts can prevent the appearance of wrinkles. This has definitely been a nifty tip for us on long distance trips.

3. Steam the creases of your clothes

A good alternative to ironing is investing in a clothes steamer. This nifty device, allows you to remove creases from clothing without much effort.

steam clothes ironAll you would need to do is add water to the device and run the steamer nozzle over items of clothing. Just be careful not to place the steamer too close to your clothes, to avoid damaging the fabric.

4. Use Hangers Wisely

I know this sounds like an odd tip, but did you know that the shape and material of a hanger can largely impact the storage and condition of clothing?

For instance – wood hangers are great for heavy duty items like coats, suits, and dresses, and velvet hangers keep clothes like cashmere safe from damage.

Using hangers when storing your clothes prevents unnecessary friction between clothing items, especially when travelling.

Using the above for tips are a definite must if you want to gain back an hour or two, especially if you travel a lot.

Unfortunately we can’t rid ourselves entirely of this chore just yet. But for now knowing that there are quick and easy ways to prevent additional ironing is a great second.

If you have any additional tips, we would love to hear about them in the comments or contact us form.

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