7 Steps to Paint Ceramic Tile

unique ceramic tile painting 7 Steps to Paint Ceramic TileWe do not necessarily have to replace the old tiles if we want a change on the colour. We can paint it and we can actually do this by our own selves. Here are the steps.

1. Clean It First

You need an abrasive cleaner for this. Remove all dirt. This will really influence the final result.

2. Damage Repair

Handle the damage first. Repair it so that you have smooth surface of tiles.

3. Sandpaper

Use the fine one especially on glossy surface tiles. Once you are done, sweep it away until clean.

4. Grout Tape

This step is necessary especially if you do not want the grout to be painted. Using fine tape will be helpful.

5. Wall Edge Tape

This step is also needed to prevent unwanted paint on areas you do not want to change.

6. Coat Primer

First, you need to apply paint primer and coat it using this coat primer. Leave it dry before continue.

7. Sand Over and Paint

Reapply the sand so you do not have bumps, and then finally, apply the paint.

Follow the steps carefully and you can get just the best looking floor again. It is the best alternative when you are in tight budget.

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