7 Uniquely Nice Curtain Patterns

vintage curtains 7 Uniquely Nice Curtain PatternsChanging a room look can be done through several ways. If you are on budget, forget about renovation idea. You can change the look by changing your curtain as well. Here are several unique patterns you may like.

1. Seasonal

It means you have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, New Year, and maybe Fall pattern. It is unique but pleasing.

2. Idyllic Pattern

It can be one with pictures of magical creatures like dwarves or elf, and it can also be one with simple picture and sewing.

3. Abstract Look

Abstract pattern does not have to be in a painting all the time. Such curtain will make standing out sense.

4. Oldies Floral

Pick one with simple pictures of flowers, and vintage colours.

5. Kitchen Things Pictures

Tea pot, forks and bowl, plate, and napkin are great pattern to have in a curtain.

6. Colour Pallets

There are many colours in a curtain and all are vintage colours on many squares.

7. Scene

It can be the famous scene of old movies or cartoon scene your kids you like.

Choose one of them or try to find other unique patterns. Adjust the colour choice with your paint colour so it goes with the room.

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