Different Types and Models of Sofa

sectional sofa Different Types and Models of SofaThe New Year is coming very soon, and many predictions including on trends of interior details are warming the air. Sofa is one of the most desired items to be changed as trends offer new things. Here are several types and models you need to look again for next year.

1. Sectional

These sofas appear on smaller size so we can rearrange them all the time. Combine with medium rugs.

2. Tufted

Tufted is going to define the elegant of the sofa. Complete it with matching pillow case.

3. Hidden Storage

A half part of several sofas are going to be able to be lifted up. There will be room to store magazines, books, and others.

4. Minimalist Line

Nothing is complicated here. Everything is about simplicity, being contemporary, and modern.

5. Totally Vintage

This is how we bring back high taste in old times. It makes romantic yet classy and gorgeous look.

Each of the type and model is designed to serve different look. You can adjust your choice to your entire interior planning. Sometimes, an item is just not right for your design. Do not force it and explore on more choices and alternatives. Personal touch and modification are also essential for the final look.

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