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4 Great Ways To Save Time On Ironing

ironing clothes tips

In today’s fast paced world, we often find ourselves short of time when we need it most. There is always something in our daily lives that requires urgent attention, be it at work or home. It’s either we are constantly fixing, cleaning, working, or trying to prioritise what to fix, clean and work on. This […]

Which Carpet is Really Best?

carpet flooring texture

Berber benefits and the Functions of Frieze – Let Us Explain! Imagine your dream home. You might be conjuring images of bright, bold colors, patterns, and textures. Classic and understated might be more your style. Or you might love a trendy and modern space. Whichever aesthetic you find yourself gravitating towards, one thing is universal. […]

How To Lay A Brick Tile Floor


Laying a brick tiled floor can be a challenge in itself and if the brick tiles are reclaimed you need to pay even more attention to the individual tiles and how they look. Edward Howey from Lubelska goes through how to lay a brick tiled floor for any space. Dry lay Before doing anything it […]