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Skylights In The Bathroom – A Modern Innovation In The Everyday Home

skylights bathroom

Visit any modern home these days and your chances of finding a skylight, or roof window, installed in the bathroom is very high. Skylights first took a huge leap into the construction sector around 10 years ago and they’re suitable for both flat or pitched roofs. They’re an excellent way to save on wall space, […]

7 Tips About Artificial Turf For Your Backyard

Artificial Turf For Your Backyard

The reason why Agape Turf gains more attention recently is its excellent turf product. The yard looks like a brand new corner in the house. It is lively and totally incredible as a playground or relaxing area. If you consider installing the turf for your backyards, at least you should know what you are going […]

Unique Ways To Incorporate Cork Into Your Home

Incorporate Cork Into Your Home

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for creative ways to make your home unique. Incorporating cork into certain areas of your home’s structural or interior design can be an innovative way of achieving just that! Although cork isn’t widely used by modern home designers, some architects are beginning to incorporate it in a variety […]