Plan for a Bathroom Facelift – 7 Tips Collection

bathroom facelift ideas Plan for a Bathroom Facelift   7 Tips CollectionMaking a bathroom facelift can be great ideas especially when you are done with the old look and you want some changes. Here are several tips you can use.

1. New Paint

Changing the colour of wall paint is simple enough but it has dramatic effect. You should choose totally different colour to make a surprising look. Try on colours you never dare to try. As for the painting, you can spend the weekend doing it with your family.

2. Cabinet Sanding and Stain

Our cabinet also makes the most look in a bathroom. We can change the colour by giving it new sanding and stain. We can use several fancy tones for it. We can also paint it, but painting gives cheaper look. Plus, these are simple enough for us.

3. Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting rules the most of a room look. You can make a facelift by upgrading the lighting, add the illumination and complete the setting. It will not only change the look of your bathroom but also add the value and comfort of the room.

4. New Vanity and Sink

This is also a great idea for facelift. If you find your vanity colour fades, it is time for you to change it. Try new colour that matches the wall paint and replace the old vanity and sink. You will love how it influences your bathroom.

faucet design ideas Plan for a Bathroom Facelift   7 Tips Collection5. New Faucet

This is the possible change you can make if you change your vanity and sink. There are many choices for faucet as well. You can choose the new one different to the old one. This change will affect the look and your choice matters.

6. Tub and Shower

You do not have to replace them but you can check the doors. If you still use curtains, you should consider buying glass doors. It is affordable and easy to install. It makes your bathroom a lot fancier. Check on patterns for the glass as well.

7. New Bath Linen

This is also a good idea to have a facelift on your bathroom. Change the linen and pick something really new and different. It changes the bathroom look in instant.  The change is not so big but nice and easy to do.

Now, you can make your own facelift for your bathroom. It is easier than we thought. Several of the tips are affordable enough to do as well. Have fun!

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