7 Important Tips How to Lay Stone Floor

stone floor designs 7 Important Tips How to Lay Stone FloorStone floor is an exotic choice for a house. You can even laying it down by yourself. Here are several useful tips if you want to do it yourself.

1. Clean Location

Like other kinds of flooring, this one also needs clean location before installation. If you install it outside the house, you should make sure that your terrain grade is good enough and ready for it. Hire landscaper if you need to, so the flooring will not crumble into pieces.

2. Do Not Install Wet Tiles

You need also to make sure that your stone tiles are not wet. Dry them up by laying them down under the sunlight. Most of the time, it helps in drying up the tiles. Wet tiles cannot be attached and installed. You cannot make it firm on the position.

3. Use Levelling Compound

Levelling compound is the product you want to use when you install tiles. You need it for stone tiles as well. It helps you get even level on the area so you can add the tiles. You can find it on local stores with affordable price.

4. Cut Door Casing

It helps in accommodating the new tiles. Your new tiles will be butt up on the door casing. This is why it needs to be removed. The slate is commonly higher comparing to the old tiles. Make sure you cut it clean as well for smooth result.

5. Use Circular Saw

If you do not know it yet, circular saw is the one that will help you cut tiles decently. You will need exact measurement before cutting. Calculate carefully and cut corners you need to cut. Most of the time, masonry blade is already enough for this tile.

6. Start from the Centre

Laying down a tile should be started from the centre of the room. Why? It gives you perfect look. You will need to cut, and all of them are closed to the wall, not in the centre of the room.

7. Use Sealer

When you are done installing, you will see that the floor is already perfect. To protect the pattern and natural look, apply tiles sealer. It prevents stain on your floor and makes it easier to clean. You can do it by yourself too.

Those tips help you get out of trouble and reach the finest result for stone flooring. Enjoy the process and enjoy the result.

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