10 Caring Tips for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Designs 10 Caring Tips for Hardwood FloorsHardwood floor is an excellent choice for flooring. It allows us to use almost any colours for furniture and accessories. It also allows us to use almost any colours for linens. It has great durability and it also has the greatest colour and look. What will be the best care treatment for it? Here are useful tips on it.

1. Vacuum Cleaner is Your Best friend

Unlike other floor, hardwood floor will need vacuum cleaner to clean debris and dust from the surface. Sweeping will not be enough.

2. Use Carpets and Rugs

It does not only give more elegant look for the house, but it also protects the surface of the hardwood floor. It prevents stains and scratches.

3. Rugs Everyday Cleaning

Even though you already use special rugs for hardwood floor, you still need to clean it every day. Make certain schedule for the cleaning and don’t miss it.

4. Get Solution Products

We need to be prepared because anything can happen. Find solutions product for this floor. Be specific and never use general solutions. The formula will be different.

5. Don’t Use Water

Surprisingly, water is not really good on hardwood floor. It will spoil and damage the floor. Occasional use is fine, but you should prefer on other ways.

Hardwood Floors Types Textures 10 Caring Tips for Hardwood Floors6. Soft Cloth Helps

You need soft cloth when you clean stains or marks on the floor. Use the solutions product and wipe it using soft cloth. Do not mix it with water.

7. No Amonia or Oily Soap

If you are running out of cleaners, do not ever use oily soap or products containing ammonia. It will damage your hardwood floor right away.

8. Prefer Damp Mopping

It does not only help in cleaning, but it is also the effective way to remove all water on floor surfaces. Use it whenever you need.

9. Provide Indoor Slippery

This is the best solution for high heels, outside dirt, and also scratches. Let people use soft slippery inside the house to protect the floor.

10. Dry It Up

This is one of the most essential cares for hardwood floor. Keeping it away from water as much as possible will prevent damage on the surface.

Now, we can make sure that our hardwood floor stays great and nice like now. The care and maintenance steps are not very difficult to do. Instead, we can do it by our own selves. How do you like to start now?

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