Top 5 Tips for Decorating Play Rooms

playroom decorating ideas Top 5 Tips for Decorating Play RoomsWhen you are making a playroom for your children, you might be converting an old office, bedroom or designing a room from scratch. Either way you will need to consider how to make the most use of your space. What will you be putting in the room and how will it be used? Planning everything from the walls, the floors and the lighting can seem too much to deal with, but using five easy tips will help you make a great play room.

1. Play rooms are meant to be full of life and laughter, the walls need to represent this too. Don’t just settle for a bright pink wall, put some character onto it. You can design a simple jungle or a skyline with minimum artistic talent. If you do have the skills with a paintbrush, you can experiment to the limits of your talent and will-power.

2. You don’t really want the kids drawing on the walls of your house or do you? Adding a blackboard to the playroom wall will not only allow them to draw until they get bored, but should also keep the wall art to the play room. Cans of blackboard spray are readily available and really cheap.

3. The kids are going to be jumping around in this room and dropping all sorts of mess. You are not going to want to put just carpet down for the dirt to get trodden in and carpet urns to mount up. Installing a smooth and padded floor will allow for minor bumps to be laughed off and the play to continue.

4. It might not seem like the most playroom specific piece of furniture, but installing built in cupboards will prove to be a great addition to any solution. The cupboards allow for easy storage and provide a wall-long work surface, ready for painting and sculpture making.

5. The clear essential in all playrooms is wipe clean surfaces. No matter what else is in the room, you need the easiest way to clean it. The build up of paint, clay and glue will prove no problem if you used an easy clean surface.

These five tips will help you when you are planning the room. If you follow the advice it will make sure you create a playroom that will be used every day and last for the years to come.

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