5 Tips for Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants in House

ants carpenter in home 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants in HouseAs we all know, carpenter ants are really aggressive. Just like termites, these ants damage wood so quickly, and very often, secretly. How can we avoid damage problems then? There are actually several things we can do to prevent the damage. Here are several useful tips we can try.

#1. Eliminate Moisture

The first step of ant control commonly goes to eliminating the moisture. Moisture here means leaks, wet wood, cracking foundation, and other similar condition. The ant queen loves to keep the eggs on moisture. Fix leaking and cracking, and let us move wood material away from the house.

#2. Don’t Kill the Workers Only

It will be easier to kill the workers. However, they will keep on coming back again and again. We need to tail the entire ant track to find the actual nest. It is commonly located on moist wood where we can find wood dust around it.

#3. Use Poisoned Food or Bait

Ants like to eat sugar as well as protein which can be found on most food. We can use one of the available products on market for it. As the food is distributed in the nest, we will kill maybe thousands of ants we even don’t see yet.

#4. Use Spray for Dusting the Nest

Bait may not work well due to the ants dietary. Therefore, using dust directly to the nest sounds like very genius. We only need to locate the nest and dusting it using one of available non-repellent spray for insect.

#5. Give Layer to Your Wooden Furniture and Floor

Even though we can kill the carpenter ants, we still have to prevent new colony coming. We can do it by applying special product for wood that adds layer on the surface. It does not only keep ants away of it, but also keeps your furniture clean and shiny too.

It will be wise to apply the entire tips early to prevent the problems. When we find it on bad condition, it will be best to call professional before the damage spreads. These ants can be aggressive, but we can do a lot better too.

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