5 Tips before Choosing the Right Professional Pool Service and Maintenance

Professional Pool Service and MaintenanceIf you are planning to have a pool in your house, pool maintenance Glendale, the recommended one. Their experience and commitment in pool service and maintenance field is undoubted. Their service will make your pool always look great and clean.

Primary Needs

For those who have unstoppable supply of money or big salary, having a pool in your house can be a primary need. Especially if you live in place that has so many weathers, a pool can refresh your exhausted body. A pool in your house can also be useful to teach your children to swim. You can pay a professional trainer or you just can train them by yourself in your pool. It is always an advantage to have a pool in your house.

Trust Issues

There will always be any consequences of having a pool. More than just cleaning it, building a pool is not as easy as it seems. You really need to know every detail about it. When you have a trouble with your pool, it will be very hard for you to fix it by yourself. Calling a pool service and maintenance to come to your house is good solution.


Located in Arizona, Pelican Bay Pools offer you services that you will never get from other companies. Started the pool service in 2008, this company now has a lot of praise from customers. Their willingness to always give the best service for customers makes them as a well-known and decorated pool service company. They always train their workers too in order to serve the customers by their best. That is why they have an outstanding community record and are a pleasure to deal with. So what can they do to your pool? Here are some explanations.

Weekly Pool Service

It is a special offer from pool maintenance Glendale for those who want to become a member of Pelican Bay Pools. With this facility, you are no longer need to clean your pool by yourself. Entrust your pool to them and these are what they offer every week.

  1. Backwashing filters
  2. Brushing every meticulous part of your pool
  3. Cleaning all of the skimmer baskets
  4. Turning on equipment and verifying proper performance
  5. Adding chemicals as needed and always checking the water chemistry
  6. Skimming pool surface to collect any debris

Pool Equipment Repairs

If unfortunately your pool is broken, here are the things that they offer to repair your pool.

  1. Plumbing leaks and clogs
  2. Washing acid needed
  3. Pool timers, lighting and other electrical items
  4. Fixing electric or gas heaters
  5. Broken motor and pump for all kind of pools, and any water equipment
  6. Cleaning the tile
  7. Pool filters (sand and cartridge)
  8. Any trouble related with pool draining and start-up
  9. Installation system of salt chlorinator, replacement and cleaning
  10. Fixing all vacuums for pools and cleaning systems of in-floor

Green Pool Cleanup Specialists

This is one of Pelican Bay Pools specialties. Not only cleaning a swimming pool, they are also able in cleaning green pool. This company has a good reputation as a green pool cleaner. For them, cleaning green pool is as easy as cleaning normal pool. Do not worry about the quality of water in your green pool. It is their daily hobby to keep the formula of green pool.

With all of the reputation, you cannot just ignore the experience and work ethic of Pelican Bay Pools. This company has done their best for many years, to keep the great relation with costumers. If anybody is looking for pool service and maintenance, tell them about pool maintenance Glendale.

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