6 Ideas for Eco Friendly Interior in Your House

eco friendly home designs

Being eco friendly including in setting our house interior is a nice thing to do. We can have stylish house and support the environment preservation on the same time. There are several interesting eco friendly ideas you can adapt to improve your interior look.

1. Reclaimed Material

We do not necessarily need new and shiny materials for everything. We can buy reclaimed wood for example. Beside we do not need new trees to cut; reclaimed material is also great enough and meet the standard. In addition to it, the price is commonly lower.

2. Deconstruct It!

Sometimes, we do not have to demolish our house. We should take a closer look and maybe we can use the items on other rooms or locations. It does not only being eco friendly. You can also save a lot of money by doing it. You only need to check everything.

3. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

There are many appliances we are going to need in the house. Instead of buying anything expensive, let us check the specification and see if there is energy star label on it. Energy efficient appliances are eco friendly and are friendly as well on your expense.

4. Low VOC Paints

This paint makes the best choice right now. It is totally eco friendly by being low in VOC. It also makes safe paint for your entire family members. This paint is also proven to be splatter resistant and 100% acrylic. Use this paint if you want to repaint your wall or other furniture things.

5. Provide More Natural Light

It means we should let the windows deliver the sun light in. It does not only make you stop using too much electricity power, but it also improves indoor health and atmosphere. You should also thinking about using solar panels as power source alternative.

6. Pre Owned Furniture

Instead of ordering new furniture item, we can head to antique shops or salvage yards. There are many nice furniture items there that will make great looking match to our house. It reduces production activity and you do not cut more trees for furniture.

These ideas are not only stylish. They also offer good ways to achieve style and look. As eco friendly is predicted to be the trend until next years, we have no more reasons not to adapt those ideas. We can also contact professional to ensure perfect result through the right way. Where do you want to start?

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