8 Interior Design Trends to Create European Style

european interior design

Trends on interior design are so vast and wide. All of those trends can we use to create European style as well on our house. We have so many choices. Let us see several of them and check if we can use them.

1. Modern Victoriana

Victorian style is too nice to fade away from the trends. However, we can find it on different twist now. The design and shape are the same, but the printing is colourful and very edgy. It’s pretty.

2. Lace and Layers

The use of lace as part of the interior linens and also furniture covers are very European. Choose unique colours like red or blue to add modern and edgy look if you want to. Or you can keep it classic.

3. Curves and Pale Colours

European is known for the curvy furniture and pale colours. We can also use it and combine it with electric colour on our modern wall. It does not have to be too mainstream and classic. Be playful.

4. Folk and Craft

This is the new popular things. Folk and craft is often associated with mid century of European life and authenticity. Use pillow covers, table cloth, or blanket on this style to balance your modern interior look.

5. Classic Print

Wallpapers are available on this printing as well. Classic European print on your wallpaper will be outstanding. To keep it light, cover only several of the walls. Be brave and try to combine modern paint with these wallpapers.

6. Modern Mid Century

Several mid century interior setting are too nice to be forgotten. We can use the old setting even though we use modern pieces like contemporary paintings and furniture. It will make perfect classic modern combination.

7. Soft Covers

Why don’t you change your modern or edgy furniture cover with soft ones? European style is known to use soft covers with soft colours, and sometimes, floral prints. It makes a certain definition for interior detail. You will love it.

8. Wooden Interior

European style always uses wood as the best and reliable material. You can make the entire of your interior detail wooden. It works well on even current design of furniture and accessories. It will create warm and homy atmosphere.

Certainly, all of those trends are just brilliant. It is not hard enough for us to adapt and use. Maybe we should adjust several details and make it fit on our interior look right now. Have fun!

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