Top 8 Tips for House Painting

house painting interior design Top 8 Tips for House PaintingPainting your own house can be interesting project. Here are several useful tips so you can prevent problems and mistakes.

1. Sloshing the Brush

Slosh your brush first before you use it. Clean brush creates fine painting as well.

2. Wrap Your Brush or Roller

If you do not like to clean, you can keep those stuffs on a freezer after wrapping it with plastic.

3. Use Gloves or Lotion

Latex gloves or thick hand lotion application will allow you to clean spilling paint a lot easier.

4. Keep the Wet Edge

This is how you prevent marks of overlap.

5. Use Quality Brush and Roller

You do not want fuzz or streaky marks of the brush. Choose one with quality.

6. Test the Paint First

Use the duct tape to test your paint. If it is loose paint, you need to do scrape and also sand.

7. Use Only Blue Tape

This tape does not peel off any paint or primer, and it comes off so much easier than others.

8. Do Not Lose the Can Cover

You are going to need this again. Therefore, do not lose it on any circumstances.

Take your time in painting the house. Perfect look can be done through careful steps. Good luck and have fun!

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