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7 Important Tips How to Lay Stone Floor

Stone floor is an exotic choice for a house. You can even laying it down by yourself. Here are several useful tips if you want to do it yourself. 1. Clean Location Like other kinds of flooring, this one also needs clean location before installation. If you install it outside the house, you should make […]

7 Steps to Paint Ceramic Tile

We do not necessarily have to replace the old tiles if we want a change on the colour. We can paint it and we can actually do this by our own selves. Here are the steps. 1. Clean It First You need an abrasive cleaner for this. Remove all dirt. This will really influence the […]

Top 10 Tips for Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a nice alternative many people like to have now. It offers outstanding benefits to users. We can use it on residential or office buildings. However, you may want to learn on these following tips if you plan to have rubber floor. It helps you out of possible troubles. 1. Not in the […]